About Us

Who We Are

SWAGALICIOUS FLIKZ is a Visual Media Production Company that works in the domains of Performing arts, Film , and Television Production.
We are a Video Production House helping organizations and brands accomplish their objectives through Video, consisting of experienced, well-versed and mature professionals with years of experience in a field where new ideas and equipment are birthed daily, SWAGALICIOUS FLIKZ staffs are well grasped,updated, incorporated and ingested with industry leading Tools, Hardware and Softwares, coupled with our Knack for learning and improving to make sure you get just the Best output, and at the same time, surpassing your imaginations. Here, we live and breathe video. Our international team of experts work side-by-side with every customer, to provide the most innovative broadcast solutions for your needs. Driven by passion for what we do, we are dedicated to delivering the best in creative video production, live event streaming, and managed services.
Some of our Services include -

  • 1. Music Video Scripting, Shooting, Directing and Editing.
  • 2. Films (Feature & Short Films) Scripting, Shooting, Production, Editing and Directing.
  • 3. Documentary Scripting, Shooting, Directing and Editing.
  • 4. Commercials.
  • 5. Explainer/How-to Videos
  • 6. Cooperate & Informatial Videos Production.
  • 7. 2D/3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Lyric Videos (Kinetic Typography).
  • 8. Color Correction
  • 9. Events Coverage and Livestream
  • 10. Makeup Service
  • 11. Professional Talent Management
  • 12. Photography
  • 13. Equipment Rentals

Birthed in the year 2018 by Martins Morris, Our mission is to help our customers deliver their message to the world. We focus on always adding value and mileage to your message with inventive ideas and creative solutions. Our goal is to engage your audience and retain their interest in your products or services.