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Do you have an awesome idea for your video and are looking for the perfect production partner? Well this must be fate!
At Swagalicious Flikz, we have helped thousands of businesses build their brand and tell their story through emotive and engaging content using the power of video. Let¯s chat about making your vision a reality!

Based out of Lagos Nigeria, our team of creatives, videographers, producers and editors offer an end-to-end video content service.
We specialise in case study style promotional, corporate and training films, with a dedicated focus on digital communication. Throughout the production process we work closely with your team to align the outcomes with your digital strategy and ensure truly integrated and versatile content. Combining the latest technology with our many years of experience, we pride ourselves on producing only high-quality natural video content that delivers tangible results for your brand.
The importance of digital video in self-expression and capturing attention is very apparent. Videos are an exciting and very efficient way to tell your story and The original, the bold and creative tend to stand out. The first thing we do is ask questions and listen carefully to the client, as we need to know your story in order to tell it in a way we can all be proud of. We firmly believe in knowing all the rules but also know when to follow or break them. Ideas have always been the primary. We’re young, very passionate and have a finger on the pulse of the art form, both in terms of technology and ideas. We aim to tap into every client‘s sensibility and produce a piece of work which is tailor made for them. So whether you‘re interested in a highly conceptual music video production, or a simple but beautiful way to showcase your products on video or anything to do with film or video production – Just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help. Some of our Video services are in these areas -

Equipment Rental Price list

Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
12Kww/Electric Ballast₦75,000.00N385,000.00
6Kww/Electric BallastN45,000.00N225,000.00
6Kw Cineparw/Electric BallastN65,000.00N325,000.00
4Kw cineparw/Electric BallastN45,000.00N225,000.00
4Kww/Electric BallastN35,000.00N185,000.00
2.5Kww/Electric BallastN25,000.00N125,000.00
1.2Kww/Electric BallastN20,000.00N100,000.00
575ww/Electric BallastN15,000.00N75,000.00
200ww/Electric BallastN10,000.00N50,000.00
400ww/Electric BallastN20,000.00N100,000.00
Fresnel spotlights
Fresnel Spotlights
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
5KwBaby/Senior N7000.00N35,000.00
2Kw CineparBaby/Senior N3500.00N15,500.00
1KwPar can(spot/flood)N3000.00N14,000.00
2KwFollow spotN4000.00N19,000.00
2KwProfile lightN4000.00N19,000.00
Projector Rental
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Acer H5382BD ProjectorResolution:1280x720 - Native Aspect Ratio:16:9 (HD) - Brightness:3,300 Lumens - 3D Modes:Full HD 3D N8,000 (Pickup)N35,000.00
Camera Equipment
Camera Equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Panasonic AG-AF101Full HD, Supports Micro Four Thirds Interchangable lens, Incorporates 4/3-inch, 16:9 imager, records 1080/50i,60i, 30p,25p,24p (native) and 720/60p,50p,30p,25p,24 (native) 60Hz/50HzN39,000N185,000.00
Panasonic AG-HVX200 HD,1/3" 3CCD 16:9 HD/DVCPRO, Records on P2 card and Mini Dv Tape 82mm Zoom
Sony HVR-Z1UHDV1080i/720/DVCAM/Mini-DV Camcorder. 1/3 CCD. IEEE 1394 Interface. 16:9/4:3 switchableN12,000.00N60,000.00
Canon EOS Mark 1121MP CMOS Sensor,3.9fps ,1080p,ISO 100-6400 calibrated range,ISO 50-25600 expansion,20 point AF system,3.0" 920,000 dot LCD,DIGIC 4 processorN45,000.00N225,000.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark 11122.3MP Full Frame CMOS Sensor,1080p,ISO 100-25600 standard,50-102,800 expanded,6fps continuous shooting,1080p30,61 point AF system,1040k dot 3:2 LCD,Dual card slots for CF and SD,DIGIC 5+ processorN55,000.00N275,000.00
Canon EOS 7D18MP APS-C CMOS sensor,8fps continuous shooting,1080p HD,3.0" 920,000 dots LCD,19 point AF system,N35,000.00N175,00.00
sound equipment
sound equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Audio mixerSpirit Sx 20-ChannelN10,000.00N50,000.00
Soundcraft Spirit E12 12-channel inputN10,000.00N50,000.00
Audio mixerMarkie 4-ChannelN5,000.00N25,000.00
SQN Audio mixer 5-Channel Input (loction mixer)N5,000.00N25,000.00
Shur FP33 3-ChannelN5,000.00N25,000.00
RecorderFoxtex RecorderN7,000.00N35,000.00
RecorderH4N Zoom RecorderN5,000.00N25,000.00
RecorderSony RecorderN5,000.00N25,000.00
RecorderH1 Zoom RecorderN3,000.00N15,000.00
Earpiece MicrophoneCountryman E6 Ominidirectional MicrophoneN5,000.00N25,000.00
Earpiece MicrophoneShure MX153 MicrophoneN5,000.00N25,000.00
Senneheizer Radio Micew100 G Radio Transmitter and ReceiverN2,000.00N10,000.00
Senneheizer K6 MicMKN Riffle Boom micN2,000.00N10,000.00
Senneheizer 416 MicMKN Riffle Boom micN2,000.00N10,000.00
Senneheizer P48MKN Riffle Boom micN2,000.00N10,000.00
Senneheizer 816MKN Riffle Boom micN2,000.00N10,000.00
Fish Pole17.8ft,10.6ft,8.8ft,6.7ft,5.4ftN1,000.00N5,000.00
grip equipment
grip equipment
Item NameDetailsNet Daily RateNet Weekly Rate
Movie Tech Crane 26 feet hight (manual operated)N50,000.00N250,000.00
Jimmy Jib30 feet high N60,000.00N600,000.00
Platform Dolly&Track (Steel)2psc 8 feet long straight and CurveN15,000.00N75,000.00
Hague Dolly&Track (Fibre)2psc 8 feet long straight N10,000.00N50,000.00
Car Mount Side and FrontN10,000.00N50,000.00
Movie Tech dolly&Track (fibre)2psc 8feet long straight and CurveN30,000.00N150,000.00
Zephyr Steadycamthe Sled,Arm and Vest with SD LCD MonitorN40,000.00N200,000.00
Phoenix Wind MachineIndustrial FanN5,000.00N25,000.00
Sand BagsN500.00N2,500.00
StepladderA-fiber glass 5-Treads (10kg Max)N5,000.00N25,000.00
TrussTriangular Goal postN20,000.00N100,000.00
TrussRectangular 90ftN60,000.00N300,000.00
Stage RiserNifo flex length=6ft7inch,width=3ft3inch,height=1-5ftN5,000.00N25,000.00